Northeast India: Identity Assertion and Ethnic Tension

Northeast India has earned a dubious distinction of being home to Asia's longest running insurgency. Geo-strategic locations of the region surrounded by Bhutan and China (Tibet) in north, Myanmar in east and south and Bangladesh in south and west and approximately 4000 square kilometres of porous international borders further accentuating the security threat. For the last two months, the intensification of insurgency incidents has put a question mark on the various security efforts in Northeast region.

Maitreya Buddha Samantaray

Falling Esprit de Corps: Fragging and Suicides in Indian Army

While India is known for its disciplined armed forces, numbers of stress-related deaths in the form of suicide and fragging have been increasing in recent years, especially in troubled states of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) and Northeast India. Apart from tackling terrorism, escalation of fragging and suicides in such sensitive region provide additional threat to national security. It also affects morale of young aspirants and distracts them from pursuing it as a career option.

Thangjam Khurshchev Singh