"The Maldives-Syria Connection: Jihad in Paradise?" Terrorism Monitor

The Maldives-Syria Connection: Jihad in Paradise?


Terrorism Monitor,  Volume: 12 Issue: 22, November 21, 2014

The Maldives, the Muslim-majority archipelago country in the Indian Ocean, is going through a tumultuous time, facing increasing Islamist activities at home, an exodus of radicalized youth to join the jihad in Syria and a growing domestic clamor for the implementation of Shari’a law. This has been accompanied by the targeted abduction and intimidation of local Maldivians who hold progressive ideals and secular values. Although the country is better known as a romantic honeymoon destination, these developments – which include the establishment of the “Islamic State of the Maldives” (ISM) group – have exposed the deep extremist undercurrents in Maldivian society and are increasingly drawing the attention of local and international security forces.


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Terrorism Monitor, November 21, 2014