SSPC provides an interactive web based platform for the students, academia, military, media personnel, policy makers, practitioners and independent analysts.

  • SSPC in Media: Experts at SSPC regularly contribute in publications outside SSPC and in various media outlets.
  • Opinion / Analysis: Brief news analyses, opinionated and topical articles on the research themes of SSPC are solicited on regular basis. The article should contain facts, data and balanced analysis. (The Word limit: 800-1000)
  • South Asia Conflict Monitor (SACM) aims to provide in depth analyses, country briefs, brief sketches of important players and a timeline of major events on issues relating to armed conflicts, insurgencies and terrorism. It also aims to cover government’s strategies on conflict resolution and related policies to tackle these risks and crises.
  • Issue Brief: SSPC Issue Brief aims to contain focused discussion on a single issue in accordance with the Society's core research areas.
  • SSPC Paper: The SSPC Paper series aims to offer rigorous analysis of contemporary security (both Traditional and Non-Traditional) issues which will provide essential readings for students, academics, development professional, journalists and all those seeking a better understanding of issues related to peace, conflict and human development.

Submit/Contact: Research Coordinator at, Send in mail to: Post Box No. 10560, JNU Old Campus, New Delhi Pin-110067.
Archived Publications

  • Fact Sheet: It gives basic and factual information with a well laid out timeline.
  • SSPC Dialogue: Dialogue series aims to initiate discussion/debate on issues core to the Society's research themes.
  • Book Review: An analysis / discussion of a book based on content, style, and merit will be published regularly.

General Guidelines for Scholars/Authors SSPC welcomes well written and thought provoking pieces for its regular Opinion/Analysis space. It should be Authoritative, Informative and Motivating. We invite students, journalists, scholars and concerned readers to air their opinions, views and analyses. The Society welcomes research papers on armed forces, arms control, proliferation, protracted armed conflicts, and conflict resolution, peace movements, peace initiatives, mediations, terrorism and organized violence. Also issues focusing non-traditional threats to security especially those emanating from environmental degradation, transborder population movements and health concerns due to emerging and reemerging infectious diseases are also invited. Articles need not be India or Asia centric if it is based on a common problem or concern. Please refer to the SSPC Research Areas. If you have a potential proposal / or a simple idea for any of the above mentioned publications, feel free to enquire about the focus, word limits and deadline and honorarium.


Authors are fully responsible for the facts, figures and views they express in SSPC publications including commentaries and research papers. Their views do not necessarily reflect the views of the SSPC or the founding members of the organization.