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DECEMBER 01, 2021

The paper aims to comprehend the newly found challenges of Afghanistan that have emerged right after the sudden withdrawal of the American forces and have created a security vacuum in the war-torn country. The paper explores various dimensions through which a Taliban-controlled country can become the most significant security threat to the South Asian region and the rest of Asia, hampering the peace and stability of the region. Further, it reconnoitres the rise of the new Taliban regime and how it is different from the previous one. The notion of good terrorists and bad terrorists has also been assessed while deliberately focusing on the differences between the Taliban and other extremist groups in the region. It further analyses the humongous humanitarian crisis and repercussions that have been unfolded from the chaotic and hostile situations in the country and how it further worsens the Afghan people's conditions. The paper also briefly examines the drug menace in the Golden Crescent and how it will affect the neighbouring countries, especially India.

Author Note
SAURABH SINGH is an alumnus of Symbiosis School of International Studies, Pune where he completed his Masters in International Studies. He is a graduate in English Language and Literature from Christ College, Rajkot. He is a keen learner and policy enthusiast. He has participated in various National and International Conferences. His research interest is mainly focused on the topics - Digital Diplomacy, Cyber Security, Disinformation, Climate Change, Deep Fakes, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Automated Systems. He is also keenly interested in research focusing on technology-driven interventions such as the Internet, AI and Automated systems and its varied effects on individuals and their behaviour, climate change, disinformation campaign, international relations and society as a whole.