About us

The Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict (SSPC) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan research organization based in New Delhi, dedicated to conduct rigorous and comprehensive research, and work towards disseminating information through commentaries and analyses on a broad spectrum of issues relating to peace, conflict and human development. SSPC has been registered under the Societies Registration Act (XXI) of 1860. The SSPC came into being as a platform to exchange ideas, to undertake quality research, and to ensure a fruitful dialogue.


The Society aims to conduct survey, research, documentation and analysis through constant monitoring, reporting and networking on its core research themes. The objective is to build linkages and networks with national, regional and global think tanks, both Independent and Government organizations that are working towards the greater cause of peace and international security.

  • To initiate debate and dialogue for the furtherance of comprehensive and impartial research.
  • To study India's growing role in Asia and in global politics and suggest policy initiatives for the advancement of its strategic interests in regional and global level.
  • To undertake qualitative and quantitative research focused on policy issues on National and International security.
  • To conduct in-depth, empirical study on different aspects of peace, conflict and human development for publication of research papers, monographs and books primarily to disseminate information.
  • To provide web-based platform for scholars to air their viewpoints and for a greater participation on the issues related to peace, conflict and human development.
  • To advance understanding and cooperation between organizations and societies across the world with common concern.

The Society aims to carry out these and other necessary activities to accomplish its mission.