BALOCHISTAN: "Fights for the Rights"

November 06, 2012

The problems facing the troubled province of Balochistan are complex and diverse. The author (Animesh Roul) examines the challenges, including the conflict between the province's nationalists and the state, that illustrate Pakistan's struggle for control of the region.

Key points

  • The Pakistani province of Balochistan is riven by numerous ethno-
    political faultlines, including Baloch nationalism, sectarian schisms, Pashtun separatism, and incipient ‘Talibanisation’.

  • Alleged human rights abuses by agents of the Pakistani state are widespread and recurrent, fuelling further animosity.

  • Belated engagement by Islamabad with Baloch nationalists and efforts to clamp down on extra-judicial killings will bring some respite, although increasing Taliban influence will remain a concern for all parties.


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Jane's Intelligence Review, November 2012.