Writings on Peace and Conflict (2001-2004)

October 31, 2004

A New Face of Terrorism and Coming Anarchy, 15 Oct 2001

Animesh Roul outlines the challenges facing the world community, particularly the US, as terrorists begin to use unconventional means to intimidate and redefine established contours of terrorism. 

Biological Weapon: Most Preferred WMD, 15 Nov 2001

Animesh Roul argues out a case for biological weapons being the preferred weapon of mass destruction for non-state actors. 

Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI): A Multilateral Effort towards Preventing WMD Proliferation, 01 Sep 2003

Animesh Roul examines the prospects of the PSI and urges India’s participation in the group.

Nuclear Nexus and Iran’s Quest for the Bomb, 14 Oct 2003

Animesh Roul probes the possible foreign linkages in Iran’s nuclear weapons programme. 

Ricin: Return of Bioscare, 11 Feb, 2004

Animesh Roul highlights the danger that is posed by the biological toxin – ricin. 

Overshadowing Osama: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as Terror Master Mind, 23 Oct, 2004

Animesh Roul gives a profile of the terror mastermind al-Zarqawi and his activities in Iraq.

Animesh Roul, Articles published in IPCS.org (2001-2004)