SSPC Vice President Deba Mohanty's comment on ISIS's claims on India's uranium enrichment programme in Telegraph (London)

Indian analysts said the report could damage India's hopes of buying uranium from foreign suppliers following its 2009 civil nuclear agreement with the United States. The deal was aimed at helping India ease its power generation crisis while assuring the international community of its responsible stewardship. It provides for inspection 14 of its 22 nuclear plants and calls for its civil and military programmes to be kept separate.

According to analyst Deba Mohanty, ISIS's claims are biased against India but could delay its hopes of reaching uranium supply agreements with countries like Australia.

"If the report is proven as ISIS puts it, then it could prevent the prospective trade between India and Non-Proliferation Treaty countries. It could harm the acquisition of uranium for India's civil nuclear programme," he said.

The Telegraph (UK), December 6, 2013