SPECIAL REPORT - Indian Defence Budget 2016-17: A Curtain Raiser

  • Defence budget cannot be stretched beyond a point, which means Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has a tough choice for resources deployment.
  • Reducing revenue expenses and more spending for capital purchases pose the biggest challenge for Indian MoD
  • National defence budget is all about ‘revenue’ side of armed forces and their ‘capital’ requirements. But, is India spending adequately on defence R&D?
  • National Defence Budget must be reasonably used to get maximum value for the state and its preparedness.
February 2016

Defence Budget 2008-09: An Autopsy- II

Budgetary outlays for national defence need a careful autopsy for a general understanding, which has otherwise been kept out of a national debate. This apathy must change for the very simple reason that a subject which accounts for 14 percent of the total government expenditure and is not kept under planned category, needs to be examined properly. First, defence expenditure has witnessed only a modest hike this year.

Deba R Mohanty

The Defence Budget 2008-09: Facts and Figures - I

The defence budget outlays for 2008-09 (at Rs.1,05,600 crores) has witnessed an increase of ten percent at current prices and a 14.1 percent jump vis-à-vis last year’s revised estimates at Rs. 92,500 crores. Provisions for larger defence efforts, normally not included in the defence budget (for example, outlays for civil defence, coast guard, etc.) could put the figure at Rs. 1, 25,000 crore or possibly more.

Deba R Mohanty

Defence Budget: Hard Choices Ahead for India

Trends in defence expenditure denote certain clues to assess especially the military component of a state’s comprehensive national power. Components of national power, in turn, are intricately linked to a state’s grand strategy - the latter connotes the desire of a state to achieve its rightful place in the global community. In brief, trends in defence expenditure tend to objectively assess aspects of a state’s military capability, although lacuna still remain as even the very concept of military capability is often value-laden.

Deba R. Mohanty