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MLM: "The Elusive Indian Ideologue: Farhatullah Ghauri Resurfaces to Call for Jihad in India"

August 09, 2022

After years of hiding, Muhammed Farhatullah Ghauri, one of India's elusive yet most wanted Islamist ideologues, resurfaced with a series of audio-visual messages. Ghauri's sudden re-emergence on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Telegram in early 2022 caught the attention of Indian security agencies. Since February, under the banner of Sawt-al-Haq (Voice of Truth), he has railed against the Hindu right-wing in India. He has also railed against democracy, nationalism, and anti-Islam or anti-Prophet Muhammed comments while also inciting jihadist plots.
Ghauri on the Run
Interpol and India's top anti-terror National Investigating Agency (NIA) have been searching for Gauri for years with little success. He was involved in several terrorism cases, including the Akshardham temple attack in Gujarat in September 2002 that killed over 30 people and injured scores of other Hindu worshippers (Indian Express, November 5, 2017). He was also accused of a suicide bombing targeting Special Task Force in Hyderabad in October 2005 (Hindu, April 18). Further, his involvement came to light during the investigation of jihadist plots to assassinate Indian politicians, senior journalists, and religious leaders in Bangalore and Hubli, which would have upset the religious harmony in Karnataka (Deccan Herald, October 28, 2012).

Check for Full Text (Subscription): "The Elusive Indian Ideologue: Farhatullah Ghauri Resurfaces to Call for Jihad in India," Militant Leadership Monitor (Jmestown Foundation), Vol 13 (7), July 2022.