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January 09, 2023
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1-Information on the production of dangerous viruses and bacteria in a Georgian laboratory under the auspices of the United States needs international verification - Igor Giorgadze (September 11, 2018)

2-Georgia rejected Russia's accusations about the biological laboratory named after Lugara (September 15, 2018)

3-The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the death of 73 citizens of Georgia in a secret laboratory of the United States (October 4, 2018)

4-The Ministry of Health of Georgia denied the statements of the Russian Federation on the development of biological weapons  (October 4, 2018)

5-The Ministry of Health of Georgia denied the words of the ex-minister about the laboratory's experiments on people (October 5, 2018)

6-Zurab Abashidze - Russia is trying to divert attention from the international community's accusations against Moscow with statements about the Lugar laboratory.… (October 06, 2018)

7-Putin found it difficult to assess the reliability of reports on biological weapons in Georgia (October 18, 2018)

8-Moscow demanded to admit Russian experts to all bio- laboratories of the Lugar center in Georgia (May 26, 2020)

9-Moscow suspected the United States of developing bioweapons near the borders of the Russian Federation (April 7, 2021)

10-Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev on the crisis in relations with the United States and ways out of it. INTERVIEW EXCERPT/ USA RELATIONS WITH RUSSIA/ KOMMERSANT (April 07, 2021)